Kothrud’s must visit eco-friendly & sustainable store!

With pollution and global warming on the rise, eco-friendly and sustainable choices are the need of the hour. Earthing, a cute store in Kothrud is all things upcycled and sustainable. This store has curated sustainable and thoughtful everyday products that are eco-friendly and help in reducing the carbon emissions.

Earthing aims to highlight the importance of zero waste generation, saying no to plastics and resorting to upcycled and sustainable swaps. We are super impressed by their attention to detail as they did not miss out on the basic essentials. Bamboo toothbrushes and earbudsearthen pots for cooking, handmade soaps, and shampoos made with Ritha, shikakai and the list goes on.

Another thoughtful addition is the wooden chopping board here. As we unknowingly consume the microplastics of the chopping board that gets mixed with the food being chopped. ‘Bamboo speaker’, one of the most interesting finds, this wireless and natural speaker made with bamboo amplifies the sound akin to a regular speaker.

If you love sustainability and style both, shop from their vibrant jewellery collection made with leftover boutique fabrics. You should check out their unbaked jewellery collection, which is a step ahead of terracotta jewellery. As the jewellery is not baked, it goes back into the soil easily.

If you want to amp up your home decor, Earthing has lots in store for you. Right from upcycled wood art, door mats to multi-coloured runners, table and sofa covers; all made with leftover and upcycled fabrics. They also have an amazing collection of coir scrubs and brushes, cloth bags made out of recycled fabrics, cotton wallets, Jaipur blue pottery and many more sustainable items.

So if you want to make informed choices and shop consciously with the least damage to the environment, then Earthing Store is just the place for you!

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