About Earthing

Welcome to Earthing a place envisioned for one and all to live more consciously and in a more eco sensitive way, with a subtler footprint than what we all are leaving right now!

Our journey of low waste lifestyle started some 15 years back, when words like Climate Crisis, Fossil Fuel Emissions, global warming were just a matter of hearsay.

The only thing that was carved on our brain, was that Plastic POLLUTES throughout its lifecycle and there are serious limitations to its recycling process, and that urban waste is a huge toxic nuisance for villages near Landfills.

Hence, we paid rapt attention as to how we should not feed our dustbin and volla, we mastered the art of Low waste living within months. Gradually we got enlightened on this path about more and more ways to achieve low waste or nearly zero waste!

The post Covid havoc made humanity realise, how fragile our very existence is. It made our Team more determined to be on the other side of the pollution problem. Are we not answerable to Mother Earth? Do we have the right to disturb the delicate balance of Mother Nature for our immediate conveniences and material preferences? Isn’t it high time we realise what mess of a
Planet we have to our credit! Try explaining our kids that pollution is just a by- product of a good economy, when actually they will not be able to have access to clean water, air and soil in some years from now, we will already sound like idiots to them. This endeavour is not only for creating a platform for ecologically conscious products, it also aims to create awareness of the garbage problem, our country/ planet is facing and convert the awareness into willingness of not creating trash in the first place instead of later on spending crores of tax payers’ money in cleaning possibly all highly polluted natural resources,

#ZEROWASTE is by far the most intelligent way to exist

This is Sunita Gokhale Founder of Earthing.

It’s about time we take charge of the situation and ride the Conscious planet revolution before Mother Nature takes over to clean our mess. To change the present economy over ecology mindset, we need more conscious people.

We need to buy from Companies who are aware of environmental impacts of their products and are offering solutions to pollutions. Since present mindfulness = hopeful future! It’s clearly not growth if its not ensuring long term well being of Mother Earth. Isn’t it high time that we grow up beyond lazy convenient excuses towards long term wellbeing?

This is the right time to rise above our routine! Its our time on the planet and lets all come together to handover a cleaner and greener planet to our kids !

So hop on with us on this enriching journey where we have a huge collection of mindful products which are smart swaps for plastic, we have a huge collection of Upcycled products cleverly salvaged and intelligently transformed into not only a useful products but also a very beautiful one. The more upcycled products we use today, the better resources will be left for future generations. We also have all the possible options of reuse revolution for all the single use disposables.

We request citizens to use this thumbrule before investing even a single rupee in any product.

  1. If it’s not biodegradable it’s a NUISANCE for future generations.
  2. If it’s not recyclable its FAULTY material.
  3. If its use and throw its CRIMINAL.